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Newspaper Tidbits from Buckhill Bottom
The Spirit of Democracy, August 17, 1899

All of our farmers have threshed. the wheat is as good as could be expected. The average crop of wheat of Buckhill Bottom was bout 2500 bushels.

Mr. and Mrs. William Rowland and Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Muhleman were at Hannibal Saturday.

Mrs. J. J. Muhleman of covington, Ky., is visiting friends and relatives here.

Forest Meek and Forest McCurdy were at Wells's Bottom visiting sunday.

A number of our young folks attended the picnic at Barnesville Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Neuenschwander of Baresville were here Sunday visiting.

Wesley Muhleman of Clarington is visiting his grandfather J. Dietrich.

Ruben Muhleman of Wheeling is visiting friends and relatives here.

George F. McCurdy was at New Castle last week on business.

Frank Gilmore and J. S. Gallaher were at Opossom last week.

Charley Bowey of Gravel Bottom was here Tuesday on business.

Misses Evelena and Belle Litman were at Hannibal Saturday.

C. M. Hutchison made a business trip to Proctor Friday.

Callie Mobley of Irish Ridge is here with friends.

E. P. Anshutz was at Clarington Saturday.

The Spirit of Democracy, December 7, 1899

Philip Muhleman and John Litman were business callers at Clarington Monday.

E. P. Anshutz, F. R. Muhleman and H. J. Muhleman were at Baresville last eek.

George McCurdy and son Frank and Martin Neff were at Sistersville last week.

John Ueltschey and A. M. Francis were at Wheeling Saturday.

Sam McCoach, of Sistersville was here on business Wednesday.

Miss Belle Litman visited friends at Wheeling Friday.

Philip Muhleman lost a fine horse last week.